Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 116

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 116

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117 Hwacheon Haine felt a sense of incongruity when he saw an anthwartsman entering the house.

‘The place … no?’

It was difficult to read his position to such an extent that it was difficult to grasp the position of a man unless he continued to look with his eyes.

So far, the only opponent is Hunter and Masu.

One is now an ants in front of you, and the other is.

‘Mr. Sung Jin-woo.’

She recalled Sung Jin-woo a few days ago when she revealed her teeth hidden in front of the strongest hunter in Japan.

What if he is standing in front of you now?


My breath was blocked and my throat was creepy.

‘…’Just by imagining, Cha Hae-in’s face hardened.

The emergence of an unidentified ant to the Korean team hunters, tired of fighting the queen, was never good news.


“Is not something strange?”

“What a surprise.”

Although it is not as much as Baek Yoon-ho or Cha Seong Ha, other hunters realized the sense of heterogeneity.


One of them was approaching and the surrounding air was changing.

‘What shall I do?’

He was worried.

When faced with unexpected situations, the leader must make a decision quickly.

Especially when there is no time like now.

‘I’m out of the water, so I’ll just kill it …’


Why do I feel so worried?

While I was so worried, the ant anthropomorphism came close. It was a horribly quiet movement.

‘I can not afford to hesitate like this.’

When Ma Dong-wook barely made a reasonable judgment by suppressing the warning of instinct. The guy disappeared.


She opened her eyes and looked around.

The situation of the other Hunters was not different.


A cameraman looking around everywhere found his position later and shouted.

“In the back!”

The hunters were amazed and looked back.

The ants, who passed the hunters at a speed that the hunters could not even recognize, stood in front of the queen’s ant bodies.

‘You went past us?’


The Korean team hunters slowly began to feel what Baek Yoon-ho was looking ahead to with ‘Masu’s eyes.’

Boom, Boom, Boom. His heart beat accelerated, his breath became rough.

‘…He is not usually a man. ‘

Myeong-wook’s forehead had a cold sweat.

The ant was not interested in the hunters at all, but looked at the queen who was still dead.

Then the guy who turned his head up.

In the key, he poured endlessly a terrible roar to the back of the whole oyster.


First, the cameraman’s legs were released.



After that, the hunters, who were overwhelmed by the pressure, were unable to survive.

Ma Dong-wook also put his face to the face that he can not believe.

‘I… I am only a roar? ‘

In the ee -!

When the roar of a seemingly endless roar was over, there was only one person standing in full.

The two legs were panting whether it was only at the last time to keep the car.

Counterattack is a situation where you can not even dream.

Only then did the ants be interested in the hunters.

With a vicious enemy.

‘…!’The car Hae’s eyes grew bigger.

Turning toward the hunters, the face of the man was terribly distorted.

As though he was angry at the death of the queen.

Car Haen calmly took his hand over his sword handle.

However, the speed of the ant athlete’s movement was one step faster than the speed of the car hunter pulling the sword in the waist dancing.

Python – An ant athlete who disappeared from the sight of an instant appeared again in front of his nose.

Car Haen ‘s eyes trembled.

I have not even thought about defending myself. Toukou -!


The car was hit by a head next to his head, bounced off a straight line, hit the wall and fell to the floor.

Paternalist – In a single room, a car driver lost his mind. Seeing that, my colleagues were astonished. The strongest member has fallen to a blow.

But there was no time to be surprised.

The strength of the enemy has been confirmed enough.

Hunters were well aware of the fact that the lengthening of the downtime means that the longer it is, the lower the probability of survival.

The tanker Ma Dong-wook first came out.

“’Ѫ -!”

Majok pulled the ants from behind and gave strength to both arms.

The tricky tree also tightened the trunk of the ants with the power that could be extracted from the roots. Thick tendons rose from around his neck and forearms.


“Ah, ah!”

When the anthrax masquer gave power, his arms fell off.

She knelt down on her knees.


Baek Yoon – ho went out.

If he does not turn his gaze, he will lose his arms and lose his life.

Baek Yoon-ho hurt this.

The white hairs came out from his body, and his nails turned long and sharp, and he ran like a beast.

Piggly – The guy disappeared again.


It was impossible for Baek Yoon-ho to pursue his movements again with “Masu’s eyes”.

The scream came from behind.

“Ah, ah!”

It was the last man who was casting.

The last man, whose upper body was long with an oblique line on his nails, fell down with groaning.

Lim Tae-gyu, who was trying to kill the enemy about five steps away, fired an arrow with magical power toward the ants.

‘I will never miss this street!’

It was a very strong confidence.

“ä_ -!


It’s hot.

An earthquake struck the pupil of Lim Tae-gyu.


Anthrax mashed the arrow that was flying and then lightly crushed it.


Lim Tae-gyu hastily tried to load the next arrow, but when he put an arrow and lifted his bow, he was standing right in front of him.

“…Damn it.”

Fuck it!

Lim Tae-gyu, who was faced to the face, dropped out of the room.

When the ant athlete was showing his back, Baek Yoon – ho even caught the back of his hand and hit the floor.


Baek Yoon-ho trembled.

And once again, when he tried to put Baek Yoon – ho on the ground, Ma Dong – wook, who had been rushing, took ants to the shoulder.


Anthrax caused the body to roll over the floor. Myeong-wook, who had just been cut off his arms, was doing well again.

The ant also collapsed Ma Dong-wook, and other hunters also fell. But the wounded hunters recovered quickly and rushed in.

Then the ant began to recognize the existence of the healer. He went around looking for the healer.

However, Min Bong-koo was calm.

His only self-protection skill is ‘camouflage’.

There was a disadvantage of being able to completely hide the trace of the hideout but not to move it. That was enough for the healers though.

It is only necessary to stand alone in one place and fly the heel.

When the skill of the treatment was constantly evacuated from the invisible place, the ants Masashi changed the operation. He held up one of the hunters’ most robust legs and lifted it upside down.

‘What are you going to do?’

Bing Bong was surprised.

The ant began to break down slowly. Whenever that happens, Min bong continued to hill.

I could not help it.

When you stop the heel, you will lose your life. Min Bong-koo continued his treatment magic with a sweat.

An ant who was searching for the power of the Hill that poured successively looked around the place where Min Bung Gu was.


For a while, the heart was flailing, and the ants seemed to disappear when I blinked.


Where did he go this time?

“It’s a bottle!”

Baek Yoon-ho screamed.



“Shut up!”

Bong Bong bloomed.

I looked down at the burning pain and found a big hole in my stomach. It is the black arm of an anthiller who protrudes through the hole. Min Bong-koo and Baek Yoon-ho, who lifted their heads, stared at each other’s eyes.

Said Min.

“brother… Run away. ”

“It’s a bottle!”

Baek Yoon-ho tried to raise his body, but the legs that were already injured did not work properly.


An ant a masker bit his head.

Quiz! Quiz!

“Ahh – oh!”

Baek Yoon-ho staggered out. Anmu masu grabbed Baek Yoon – ho ‘s neck with one hand, abandoning Min – bok – go who had lost his head.

Although Baek Yoon-ho has struggled hard, it was not enough to escape the heavy-handed ridiculousness.

An anticsman opened his mouth.

“brother… Run away … brother… Run away. ”

“…?”Baek Yoon – ho was surprised and shook his eyes.

The ants were perfectly mimicking Min Bung-gu’s tone. Except for the vicious division of the voices, it was like Bong Bok-Gu.

“Run away … brother.”

Anthony Masu, who repeatedly said the same thing for a long time, faced with Baek Yoon-ho.

“You are … weak.”

The familiar language came out from the mouth of ants. It was Korean, but it was obvious.


Baek Yoon-ho’s eyes grew bigger.

“This is … The queen was attacked … Even if I kill the police … The calculation is not right … Who is your king? ”


Anmu masu gave power to the hands of Baek Yoon-ho’s neck.

“It is.”

“Your king … Where are you? ”

Baek Yunho thought.

Now that the strongest car hunter in the Korean team is losing consciousness, I needed someone who could make a little time.

Baek Yoon-ho recalled that the Japanese team, which is currently withdrawing from the Korean team, is the strongest among the Hunters of the Japanese team.

“bar… Outside. ”


The ant anxiously lifted his head.

The man who seemed to find something opened his mouth with a satisfactory voice.

“…have… Strong bastard. ”

Then he dropped Baek Yoon-ho and it disappeared at an alarming rate.

Come on. Baek Yoon-ho, lying down on the floor, took a breath and looked around.

This was not the time.

I had to get out of here before he came back.


It is.

While struggling with the powerful ant athlete, the ant corps that had just returned to the nest was slowly pushed into the bedroom.

*** “Hmm.”

Goto inserted a sword into his sword.

The carcasses of the ants around him were hugely mountainous.

Take a guess, more than a hundred.

It was the moment when Japan’s strongest ability was revealed.

“It seems to be roughly arranged.”


The same team hunters nodded at the credible Goto appearance. At least there seemed to be nothing to die for next to him.

“We only get out of here.”

Hunter reported from the headquarters. Goto nods and turns toward the shore.

“This way …”

Goto could not finish it.

“ä_ -!

One of the ants was standing in front of his eyes.

‘…’Goto looked at the enemy’s skill at a glance.

‘It’s not an ordinary ant.’

“Goto Award!”

Goto stopped his colleagues from trying to help him.

“I’ll take this place.”

If such a strong enemy is your opponent, then your colleagues will only interfere. I was comfortable alone.

The team members who believed in Goto also left everything to him according to his name and went back to the ground.

Goto pulled out a sword with a careful face.

“ant… It’s kind of sharp. ”

The ant was also not able to stand in the spot where he noticed his strength.

If you move a little, he will have hundreds of swords.

An anticsman opened his mouth.

“you… Is it a king? ”


Goto waved his eyes.

The ant is talking.

It is, however, well known that intellectuals use their own language.

Then it would not be impossible for Masu to imitate human language. Goto laughed.

‘The king …’

If the Matsumoto president was building the empire of the hunters, he was the only person to sit on the throne.

“Yes, I am the king.”

Key kick.

As soon as he heard the answer he wanted, the ant was freed from magic.

– Some of the magic that was leaking from him. Goto’s pupil, who had been misjudging the whole power of the iceberg, shook his head.

‘What is this …?’

Goose bumps in cold chills, and the hair on the back of the neck is in a hurry.

I had experienced this feeling once before.

‘…Sung Jin Woo? ‘


Gato’s head fell to the floor at the same time as the ant athlete moved.

*** “Ahhh!”

The Korean team was surrounded by ants.

Myeong-wook, Im Tae-gyu, Jung-in, and even the cameraman. But the waves of the ants were endless.

Wow, wow, wow.

All the sound was gone, and there was only a heavy breath that he had spoken.

‘Is it here?’

Baek Yoon-ho wiped off the blood flowing down the eyebrows with the back of his hand.

Now that the only treatment series Hunter has disappeared, there was no way to deal with this number of troops.

It was only meaningless resistance.

Nevertheless, I can not give up easily because my two precious people lost their lives here. I did not want to lie down to the place where they were buried.

“Ahh – oh!”

I smashed another ant head.

But a much larger number of ants have hit him.

Key eek!


Baek Yoon-ho, who was rooted with the ants, stood up against the wall. At least this way, there is nothing to be surrounded by all sides.

“Wow, great.”

I looked up and found other hunters.

The hunters who were fighting together just before were not surrounded by ants.

I do not want to believe that, but …

I was surprised to see the sudden appearance of his back behind his lips.

He turned and ran his fist and stopped. Standing behind was not an ant.


Soldier wearing black armor.

It was the first time I actually saw it, but Park Hee-jin, who entered the Red Gate, had heard a lot of explanations about ‘this’.

‘Obviously …?’

Baekyunho shouted amazed.

“Why is this here?”


I heard a familiar voice from the soldier.


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