Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 113

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 113

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114 “Ah … Sa, live … ”

Eun Ji-min was squeezing out a voice that did not come out.

No, I tried to hit it.

However, he did not feel like hanging on his ankle even in heavy puffs. Only tears came out.

The man looked around.

I thought she would not move because she was going to do it here.

Fortunately there was no one.

There is no surveillance camera in the alley after this.

‘This is why I like this neighborhood.’

The man smirked and shook his knife toward Eun Ji Min ‘s abdomen.

But at that moment.

A hand protruding from the darkness gripped the blade.


I looked up and saw the man.

He was wearing a hood so he could not see outside the jaw line.

‘Gloves… Do you have the same thing? ”

A handful of drops did not flow from the hand holding the blade.

“What are you?”

The serial killer gave his arm a couple of times, and when he could not see the sword, he turned his handle and turned around. And I quickly got out of my seat.

“A strange little chick …”

The serial killer looked back many times.

The strange guy was following him around looking around.

“What is that …?”

The serial killer lured her opponent by shrugging off the ground, trying to drag her out.

If you are protecting your hand with something, you can attack another place.

As he reached his destination, the serial killer slowed his pace and narrowed the distance with the strange man who kept pace.

When the gap between them is one step. “Let’s see this kitten.”

The serial killer turned around and pulled out the awl, which he had in his arms, and put it on the man’s chest.

“Do you see me?”


His hand poking his chest trembled.

‘…What’s so hard?

Room wardrobe? Or what are you receiving?

The serial killer asked.

“What, you? What are you wearing? ”

If he could feel a little bit of magic, he would not have asked such a stupid question, but he could not recall the word Hunter from an opponent who had been attacked twice.

A low sound was emitted from inside the hood.

“I have something to ask.”

It was Jinu’s voice.

Jinwoo threw the knife, which he had previously taken by the serial killer, on the floor.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Why? Do you want to preach? ”

“I wonder if there is any reason.”

The serial killer snorted.

Suddenly it popped out and rescued the woman, and it was not enough.

‘It’s just a dragon?’

Maybe it’s the same class as yourself?

I wanted to be able to finish it well if I had a good soul.

“What is the reason. If you’re looking for something … Is it fun? ”


“I’m strangely wanting to bother you when you see something weaker than me.” …easy.

The serial killer could not speak.

“Ah, ah! Ahh!”

He grabbed on the floor and grabbed his left ankle with ligament dislocated.

I looked up and saw a knife in his hand.

‘When I picked up what I threw on the floor …?’

At that time Jinwoo’s insane disappears blurred again.

“Ah, ah!”

Right ankle this time.

The serial killer rolled on the floor. Jinwoo pulled out his cellphone and purse by digging through the pockets of a murderer whose both ankle ligaments were broken and unable to move.

“What are you, you son of a bitch!”

Ignoring the evil killer, Jinwu calmly walked 119 and walked to the ambulance and checked his ID card from his wallet.

And he was grasping in the hands of a murderer shaking his cellphone and wallet.

“Let’s embroider by 0 am tomorrow.”


“If you want to live.”

I did everything I wanted to say.

Jinwoo planted a shadow soldier in the shadow of a serial killer before it rose from the spot.

And a similar command was given to Shadow Soldiers.

‘I do not know how pathetic the High Oak shadow is …’

I can not wait, but the next order is HighOak’s specialty.

“I want you to live.”

Life should be on for a long time to reflect on his mistakes.

“What… What is it, you? ”

Jinwoo slowly escaped from the vacant lot with a serial killer shaking in pain and fear. I heard a siren of an ambulance from afar.

Jin-woo moved to a place far away and confirmed that he was not around, and took off his hood.


A soldier who found a serial killer could send a signal and arrive late.

Shadow exchange.

It was a useful skill as you write.

‘It is not the best rune stone.’

Jinwu, who realized the power of shadow exchange several times in recent years, smiled deliciously.

If the skill level goes up and the cooldown decreases, I do not even know how much more useful it will be in the future.

So back home.


Suddenly I heard my head and the moon had reached the top of my head.

‘Come to think of it… Is it already tomorrow? ”

Reid of the Korea-Japan Union team.

I came to the nose.

What about the feelings of the members of the raid who do not get into the team?

Jinwoo remembers some faces of the members of the raid that he knows, and cheered me in the heart that Reid would be done safely.

*** Ambitious vision.

Goto was on the seal of the Japanese Hunter Association.

Two people in front of Goto, one behind. S-class hunters of that same rank were surrounded.

When Goto, who was deep breathing, opened his eyes. “Taha!”

The Hunters, staring at the opportunity, ran aggressively toward him at the same time.



It was the three hunters who fell.

“Thank you!”

“Goto award too!”

“I can not be your opponent.”

The three Hunters who lay on the wooden floor of the seal rose to shame.

It is because Goto controlled the force.

Goto turned his head over to them silently in the sense that they had worked hard.

‘I also have no problems with my condition.’

It is best to make evaluation.

It was feeling that the condition grew even if I thought to swallow Korea only.

But why …

Goto recalled the memory of the day when three Hunters left and looked at the empty seal.

Sung Jin Woo.

What is his identity?

‘…’As I remembered, the more I remembered, the more I liked it.

Soon, Goto shook his head.

‘Well, it does not matter.’

Anyone named Sung Jin-woo does not participate in the raid anyway, and the president’s plan goes smoothly.

If Korea loses S-class hunters this time, the initiative will have to be passed on to Japan.

The people of Korea who are now calling for a reasonable price from Korea are already turned into cheers by that time. When that happens.

‘What can Sungjin do alone?’

Whether Sung Jin-woo was a real strong hunter or just his mistake, it was Japan’s welcome that he did not participate in the raid tomorrow.

Nothing is offensive.

The battle is tomorrow.

Goto smiled silently in the silent coat of the moonlight.

*** “Thank you very much!”

The station director bowed to a cameraman.

What can not be done. But the man in front of the director was not an ordinary cameraman. It is an active Hunter who holds a class A Hunter certificate.

“This raid depends on the survival of our station.”

To win the relay rights, he pounded half of the broadcasting budget. Competitors are too crowded.

But there was a background in making that drastic decision.

S-class gates have not been opened several times in the world.

Even if a gate is created, it is not possible to bring in the imaging equipment and take a picture.

In other words, this is the first and last opportunity for the public to see the S grade raid.

Unless there is a misfortune that the S-class gate will open again somewhere.

In addition, this broadcast is broadcast live, not video.

Though there is a delay of about 10 minutes.

How much audience rating?

70 percent? 80 percent?

If we counted the revenue generated from selling video to other countries, the investment was half the budget.

‘If Reid does not fail!’

There will not be any viewers who want to see the footage that the superhunters who participated in the raid are eaten by the masters.

No, I can not export it to the broadcast.

The director took all of his own to the possibility of the success of this fourth repatriation operation.

I am going to bow my head a few times.

I could do even if I wanted to.

“Do not worry too much, chief.”

The cameraman relieved the director who was nervous.

Before he became a hunter, he ate food with his camera. After accepting this, he studied hard.

There was not a glance in wanting to ruin the broadcast that the whole nation would watch by mistake.

It was great to come back that much.

‘You want to take away some of your broadcast profits.’

He was already making a lot of money as a class A hunter, but he was so expensive that he was excited.

When I finished my job properly, I was able to get huge amounts of money and fame in the hands of S-class hunters.

Probably the most famous A-class hunter in Korea?

The smile was young at the mouth of the cameraman in a pleasant imagination.

“But then, Mr. Kun-Hee, you gave permission to shoot Yongchee? I do not think it’s because of the money. ”

The director nodded.

“All of the money we give to the Hunters to participate in the operation,” he said.

“Then why …?”

Why did he allow the filming?

The director spoke carefully about his speculation.

“I think… I think it is to comfort the people. ”

The Korean Hunter Association has already tripled to ants three times.

The association, which suffered a lot of damage due to a series of failures, lost confidence and the people fell into a sense of helplessness that they could not win ants.

In such a situation, there is finally a chance of reversing.

‘The reaction of people can be seen even on the internet these days.’

The president of the association wanted to take a step further there. We put the moment of victory on the camera and let the people know.

It was in that sense that a mortal resolution that there should be no more failures.

The cameraman also nodded at the explanation of the director.

He looked at the watch on his wrist and woke up with a spooky face.

“It’s already time. I’ll get up. ”

Once again, the director chucked his waist down to the cameraman.

“Thank you, Hunter!”

*** Tata Tata Tata Tata -!

A helicopter carrying the Hunters flies.

“…””…”I was always laughing and laughing at the same time, the final man who showed confidence in everything, and the positive personality of Baek Yoon-ho was a solemn expression for the moment.

The cameraman finally checked the shooting equipment.

It was a thing that does not hinder the movement at all because it is a way to put it on the head and carry it.

‘I would not come here if it was a camera that made my body uncomfortable.’

The place where this helicopter is heading now is the most dangerous place in South Korea, or maybe even the world.

The cameraman who remembered his destination swallowed his saliva.

No matter how hard I tried to get upset, I could not help but feel a sense of tension.

Tension was the same for S-class hunters.

To solve the tension, Baek Yoon-ho talked to his close brother.

“Bottle, I did not know you would come here?”

Bong Bong giggled.

“Without my heels, I think my brother would die first of all. If you can see only his hand, I’ll see you. ”

“No, you must say that way. Why do you cover me when I cover you? ”

In the conversation between the two, the Hunters laughed at the figurine laughter.

It is the only S-class militia in Korea’s healers.

All of the members were welcomed when he heard that he had retired and that he was especially involved in the raid.

There were healers and there was a big difference.

I can fight without worrying about injuries.

In the conversation between Baek Yoon – ho and Min Byung – gu, the frozen atmosphere was released, and the car Haen by Baek Yoon – ho asked quietly.

“Mr. Baek, did you come to meet Mr. Sung Jin-woo?”

“Sung Jin-woo?”


Baek Yunho shook his head.

“no. But why? ”

“Ah… no. I guess I was mistaken. ”


Myeong-wook laughed and laughed.

“Huh, I’m finally starting.”

The Hunters looked back in the direction he was pointing.

Over the window glass of the helicopter there was a little bit of black earth that had already become the land of Masashi.

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