Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 103

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 103

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Episode 103 “Getting directions?”

With the explanation of Emil and the agreement of Jinu, the boss was able to calm the excitement.

He sat down on the chair again.

‘Letters and directions. Is it just that much better? ”

Since I was trapped here, I have been told to constantly protect this area.

The order was not enforceable. But when I was hungry, I had to eat it and I had to follow it like a natural instinct like sleepy eyes.

So when the black soldiers came in and heard that they were hunting demons, it came to me, and my chest hurts.

The troubled boss commanded to subjugate, and the troops of black soldiers could easily be swept away.

But according to the scout, there were enemies that were different from the black soldiers who had been eliminated before.

The troops, led by the flaming monsters, the bulky knights, and the long – feathered helmets, can not guarantee victory with the total power of Radiraga.

So the entire army of the Ladir family was on their way to fight for their dissolution.

However, there was no story about the man in front of the report.

In short, it was said that the enemy’s troop strength was separate.

‘If you knew that these monstrous men were the masters of black soldiers, the fighting would not have begun.’

It was in the eyes of the boss.

Suddenly, the black soldiers who liked to hide their tracks were gathered here in front of their own eyes. Hiding in the man’s darkness, he was waiting for his orders.

Even now, in the shadows, countless soldiers’ lives have begun to creep into the young eyes.

‘Compromising with a human being is a self-defeating thing …’

The list to be followed includes rolls with the name ‘Entry Permit’.

But is not it too great to pay to keep one of those scrolls?

No, I did not know if I could defeat this soldier even if I sacrificed the whole army.

And this guy.

‘…I’m hiding my skills. ”

I do not know what I’m aiming for, but I was hiding myself like an iceberg on a quiet surface.

It was a terrible thing to confront the enemy who can not grasp power.

The boss said in a nervous smile.

“really… Would that be enough? ”

There was no reason why I would not be able to give you a license and keep everything. It is not against the command because it is to protect more of this area.

Jinwoo nodded his head.

“Will not you give my daughter a hard time?”


I was able to feel Essil’s eyes.

‘Monster worried about her daughter …’

Jinwoo was new and nodded again.

The boss, who was worried for a while, smiled.

“Then let’s do it.”

Once I decided to give it up, I felt like I was sick.

If we can prevent the catastrophe that was predicted as a piece of paper, what is it, not a slope?

“No, I would appreciate it if you did.”

Jin-woo, who was thinking about the development of the other direction toward the sunny smile of the boss, laughed out his strength from the body.

‘It was like the character of his father.’

Is this also the system’s configuration, or what she says is real …

Jin-woo, who shook his mind, gave a clear answer to the boss who was waiting for an answer.

“Keep the promise.”


When the boss fingered, the soldier brought a large scroll and offered it to Jin-woo.

Jinwu opened the scroll.

‘A real entry permit.’

Jin was young at the mouth of Jin-woo confirming the contents.

[Item: Entry Permission] Level of difficulty: ??

Kinds: ??

It is a permission to climb to the 81st floor of the evil spirit. Can only be used on the 80th floor of the Movement Scroll.

I was wondering if I could get the item from the monsters just by the dialogue, but the authorization was right.

The difference with the lower-level authorization is that the letter of the Ladir family is stamped in red at the end of the authorization. ‘From the upstairs is the structure that each family should take permission from?’

Jin-woo’s mouth came up.

I liked this much better than waiting for a monster and getting permission to come out at any time.

Jinwoo rolled his license and put it in the warehouse.

“Can you start right?”

I turned to the entrance with the desire to escape, and the waiting knights blocked the entrance.

‘…?’Jin-woo turned into a strange eye, and Eesul laughed.

What is this situation again?

The boss, who had come all the way down, stopped in front of Jin.

“There is no way to send a guest who visited Radirga like this.”

It was atmosphere that can feel high pressure in the big size of boss.

However, his friendly smile on his face did not seem to intimidate him.

The boss said in a simple tone.

“Would you like to have a meal as a commemoration of the negotiations? My daughter is going to need to prepare to go a long way. ”

The gaze of Jinwoo went to Eshil.

It seemed like hoping to see the inside of the room and see if it was true.

She kept the promise.

Would not it be a good idea to go this way too?

I had to eat rice anyway, and I was getting tired of bread and meat from the Syssystem store.

“…I will. ”

When Jinwoo accepted the trouble, the boss laughed.

“Thank you!”

And the faces of the writers and writers were brightened.

Soon the boss yelled at his men.

“What are you doing? Come on, do not prepare meals! ”

*** As the time lag from the 80th floor was long, I did not want to waste time on the other floor.

However, I was worried that Eser could use a moving circle as a guide, and the problem was solved easily.

[Demon nobility has requested to accompany him.] [Do you want to accept?] [If you accept, you can use moving magic, and you can share experience according to your contribution.]

‘Have you shared experience and sharing experience?’

Although the expression of sharing experience was slightly offensive, I looked closely and explained that it depends on contribution.

In other words, it was the same as saying that you do not have to share experience if you do not give your opponent a chance to fight.

So Jin-woo was nailed firmly to Eshil.

“Even if a battle arose, do not interrupt yourself. I’ll take care of it.”


I answered shyly in the room.

‘…?’Anyway, Jinwu, who accepted the accompany, hastened his steps.

I was barely chasing after a few paces of Jinwoo in the room with a baggage of several times his size.

Although the load was not heavy, it was hard for me to catch up with Jinwoo’s stepping forward.

Jinwoo stopped for a while and waited for her to come along.

“Looks over there.”

Looking at the map on the 81st floor, Eisle pointed to the castle where the outline began to appear. Jinwoo, who knew immediately, nodded his head.


I put a big load on the floor and rummaged inside.

Soon there was a flask of wine in her hand.

Jin asked.

“Why is that?”

“It is the liquor favorite of the Garish family. If you take this,


Jinwoo laughed and summoned Shadow soldiers.

‘Come out.’

The soldiers who were called by Jinwu were united.

– “I can not …”

I suspected the eyes in the eyes.

There were three black soldiers equal to the higher nobles. In the hands of the man who called out the soldiers, two swords were heard.

In fact, the man in front of me was suspicious of the person who was talking to him until the moment.

“Tongue, are not you going to negotiate?”

Jinwu replied instead.

“Are you friends with the Garish family?”

“Oh, no. The nobles have always quarreled in demonic circles … But the horse is an opponent. ”

Jinwoo laughed at the end.

“Well done.”

Exceptions are enough once.

It was also important to raise the level beyond obtaining a permit.

“I’m waiting here.”

Jin – woo replied so, heading to the citadel, led by the soldiers.

“Now, wait!”

Eisu, who was holding his eyes round, turned toward Jin-woo’s disappearance late.


In that short time, the castle of Garish had already burned up.

Kuuuuuu – A giant monster, like a giant fire, burned down the castle walls and walls, and the garish knights, who were out of control, rolled into the hands of black soldiers.

“Oh My God…”

I heard a silent sound of whether Ethic was groaning or penetrating.


“Oh no!”

Garish Castle, which is several times stronger than Ladir Castle, collapsed powerlessly.

I swallowed the saliva.

‘If my father had not given me permission …’

The view of the castle of Garish now may have been the image of the castle of Ladir.

I was struck by thought alone.

At the same time, I heard that the story was well done and I am glad that it was good.


A tower that was over the wall collapsed again with a roar.

‘How to fight such monsters …’

He steals sweat under his chin with his hand, and sighs relievedly that his family has avoided the calamity.

*** The officers of the Japan Hunter Association and the dignitaries of the Japanese government gathered together.

As the heavy air sat in the hall, the president quietly opened his mouth.

“These days Korea is in the throes of the appearance of the tenth S class.”

Dignitaries laughed.

In Japan, the number of S class Hunters has already exceeded twenty.

At the level of being pleased at the tenth grade.

No, except for the two who lost their lives due to accidents and immigration, would it be natural for a class S Hunter to have only eight in all?

Anyway, today’s meeting was not a place to mock Korea. There was no reason why the atmosphere was so heavy.

I opened my mouth instead of the defense that sat with my frown.

“What does that have to do with the meeting today?”

The uncomfortable planting instead of the defense came out in the voice.

Currently, South Jeju Island in South Korea has been occupied by the masseurs, failing to clear the dungeon.

It is not usually a marathon, but an enormous collective life and a huge breed of ants.

The only problem is that the Japanese government will love and laugh at the Korean government, but the problem is that the damage is coming to the Japanese mainland.

One of the ants, believed to have flown from Jeju Island, disappeared from the map yesterday.

It was no longer a level that I could ignore.

Above all, the urgent problem was to calm the torch on behalf of the prime minister, who is urging the government to take measures quickly.

This is a gossip from the crucial place where many people have their necks.

Naturally I have to frown.

However, the president of the association said.

“People are the most mistakes when they are excited.”

The head of the association’s white head and face-filled wrinkles gave him a sense of age.

“I think this is the right time.”

The inside of the conference hall, which was somewhat distracted by meaningful remarks, was focused on.

The defense minister asked in a nervous voice unlike the one that raised the conversation.

“what… Is there any good way? ”

“It would be more appropriate to say it is better than to say good.”

All the dignitaries, including the defense minister, and members of the association listened to the president’s voice.

The president of the association opened his mouth late, as if he had been deliberately touched for this moment.

“Can those who have no power over the land claim their land as their own?

“…”There was silence in the middle.

What would the president want to say?

When I thought about the relationship between Korea and Japan, it was not enough to say that it would not be enough for an elderly person to know if I was informed.

Moreover, he is currently leading the Japanese Hunter Association.

“…So what do you want to do? ”

The prime minister carefully asked.

The president of the association has declared himself confident as he looks around the crowd.

“We are going to get rid of the Jeju-do.”



The inside of the room, which had been disturbed for a moment, was restored to the voice of the president.

The president of the association said.

“I will bring Jeju Island.”

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